Technology in Careers

Rachel Syrba

Professor Devries

CAP 105-03

September 14, 2016


  1. Social Media and Sales Team

Red Bull

-Understand sales outlets and how they function in the online world

-Engage with customers through social media platforms and create natural communities on them

-Create a positive experience for customers at events and know how to effectively advertise in person for the product


  1. Senior Stylist

Free People

-Connect with people through social media, email, handwritten communication, phone calls, and in person on a daily/weekly basis

-Be able to work in teams of two or more to coordinate store events

-Come up with new ideas during meetings and walkthroughs (Use of PowerPoint is involved)


  1. Marketing and Communications Specialist


-5+ years experience with a bachelor’s in marketing, communications, or a related field

-Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Suite

-Experience in working with email Marketing Automation Software and various social media tools


  1. Visual Journalist & Storyteller


-Must be coherent with latest editing and photography softwares

-Make graphics and use various social media platforms to enhance weekly stories

-Be knowledgeable in how to manage websites and post interesting topics to them daily


  1. Graphic Design & Website Manager

Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore

-Familiar with graphic design programs and effective marketing

-Is able to stay up to date with website building and email advertisements

-Creates and develops systems/metrics for measuring advertising effectiveness; can also analyze said data and report on it



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